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People Start To Heal

 The Moment They Feel Heard.

~ Cheryl Richardson


The mission of Vendetti Wellness Group, PC is to provide a welcoming environment for individuals, couples, parents, and families to develop positive emotional health, new perspectives and quality of life.  High value is placed on building a strong therapeutic relationship and individualizing care.   We believe that every person who comes through our door deserves to feel valued, supported, and understood.  You are not alone in your struggle.  We will work with you in your efforts to overcome whatever situation or condition may have brought you to us.

Our goal is to help increase your personal insight, manage stress, maintain greater self-esteem and self-empowerment, promote healthy decisions, boundaries and behaviors and improve upon or teach new ways to cope.  Armed with these new skills, you can begin to make changes in your life.  The hope is for you to develop positive emotional health, to have healthy connections with others, and to replace sadness, anxiety, anger, and frustration with happiness, peace, and hopefulness for yourself and future. 


Vendetti Wellness Group PC was named Hopkinton's Best Mental Health Service for 2019!


Here at the Vendetti Wellness Group, we offer a variety of services.  For more information about each of the services we offer, simply click on any of the services listed below.  

Still want to learn more?  Please contact us or request an appointment.



Lisa Vendetti, LICSW

Click Here To Learn More About Lisa

Hopkinton Office | 508.589.5333 x100

Kirsten Snyder, Psy.D

Click Here To Learn More About Kirsten

Hopkinton Office | 508.589.5333 x102

Stacie Perreault, LMHC

Click Here To Learn More About Stacie

Hopkinton Office | 508.589.5333 x104

Wendy Keen, LMHC

Click Here To Learn More About Wendy

Hopkinton Office | 508.589.5333 x105

Kristen Wojcoski, LMHC

Click Here To Learn More About Kristen

Hopkinton Office | 508.589.5333 x106

Mansfield Office | 508.618.1307 x7

April Middleton, LMHC

Click Here To Learn More About April

Hopkinton Office | 508.589.5333 x108

Emily Bebas, LMHC

Click Here To Learn More About Emily

Hopkinton Office | 508.589.5333 x109

Monica Leger, LMFT

Click Here To Learn More About Monica

Hopkinton Office | 508.589.5333 x110

Stacy Esposito, LMHC

Click Here To Learn More About Stacy

Hopkinton Office | 508.589.5333  x103

Kristin Puls, LICSW

Jessica Werner, LMHC

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Erin Bell, M.Ed, LMHC

Click Here To Learn More About Erin

Hopkinton Office | 508.589.5333 x101

Mansfield Office | 508.618.1307 x1

Beth Letterio, M.Ed, LMHC

Click Here To Learn More About Beth

Mansfield Office | 508.618.1307 x3

Stacey Sarakiniotis, M.Ed, LMHC

Click Here To Learn More About Stacey

Mansfield Office | 508.618.1307 x4

Carrie Smith, MSW, LICSW

Click Here To Learn More About Carrie

Mansfield Office | 508.618.1307 x5

Stephen Corrigan, LMHC

Click Here To Learn More About Stephen

Mansfield Office | 508.618.1307 x7

Larry Daniels, LMHC

Click Here To Learn More About Larry

Mansfield Office | 508.618.1307

Jill Shanahan, LMHC

Click Here To Learn More About Jill

Mansfield Office | 508.618.1307 x9

Cristin Poirier, LICSW

Click Here To Learn More About Cristin

Mansfield Office | 508.618.1307 x10

April Morse, LMHC

Click Here To Learn More About April

Mansfield Office | 508.618.1307

Lisa Paquette, LMHC

Click Here To Learn More About Lisa

Mansfield Office | 508.618.1307

Interested in becoming part of our professional team?  We are looking for LMHCs, LICSWs, PSYD’s and PMHNP's to join our growing private practice.  CONTACT US TODAY!

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Roxanne Nichols, L.Ac., LE, M.A., RMT, CH

Hopkinton Office | 978.812.4125

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Thank you for choosing Vendetti Wellness Group.  We recognize you have many choices and we look forward to working with you!


Prior to your initial appointment you will receive a welcome email with information about Vendetti Wellness Group, your insurance eligibility if applicable and intake paperwork that you can download, print, review and sign before our first appointment. If you do not have a chance to obtain the intake paperwork prior to your first appointment we will use some of the time during this appointment so you can fill it out and to go over it.

Please bring with you the following:

  • Intake paperwork printed and signed provided to you from your welcome email

  • If you are a therapy client, your primary and any secondary insurance card, if applicable


Listed below are the currently accepted Insurances.  Out of Network Plans and Private Payments are available.  Please Contact Us for more information.