Stacey Sarakiniotis, M.Ed, LMHC



Stacey is a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) who has worked in a variety of settings including mental health agencies and public schools.  She has a broad range of professional experience including providing home & school-based therapeutic services, individual, group, couples, and family counseling.  She has held parent support groups as a way for parents to meet other parents going through the same struggles, as well as provide a structured setting where parents can express themselves and find answers to issues they are struggling with at home.  Stacey earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Boston University and a Dual-License Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling and School Adjustment Counseling from Bridgewater State University.  Stacey has a relational style that processes through biological and social situations that affect clients' feelings and behaviors.  Stacey believes most are a product of their environment and it is important to work through biological situations in order to make positive, productive changes.  It is important for everyone to feel a sense of hope for the future.  Stacey enjoys working with children, adolescents, adults and families.


Stacey Sarakiniotis


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