Mindfulness Meditation

Available on Monday & Wednesday at 6:30pm

Duration: 30 minutes

Open to ALL ages

Pricing: 1 session for $10


Join me for a half hour guided meditation to put you back into your body.  We are conditioned to keep up with our fast-paced lives whether you have a demanding corporate job, juggle multiple kids’ schedules, are going to school during a pandemic, or just have a lot on your plate.  These mindfulness sessions are intended to refocus on the mind on your number 1 priority…YOU!  Find a quiet spot to sit, grab a blanket and come back home, into your own body, mind, and spirit. 


Mindfulness is a common tool for those that experience overwhelming feelings (anxiety/panic attacks) and pain (arthritic, chronic pain).  The method for mindfulness is not a new concept and has strong ties to Buddhism.  Mindfulness teaches us to acknowledge that a thought/feeling is there and to continue being present without judgement.

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