Larry Daniels, LMHC



Larry Daniels is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) who has practiced psychotherapy for the past 17 years.   

In addition to working in clinically intense settings, including residential programs, day-treatments and special education systems, Larry has experience in private practice, clinical supervision, and in group and family psychotherapy.   

Larry practices psychodynamic psychotherapy, a modality that focuses on the meaning of behavior and the importance of feelings.  Regardless of what people are experiencing in their lives, a good dynamic therapy can help people discover a conscious self-awareness and as a result, a fuller life.  

Larry is interested in any issue that impacts people and how it relates to the meaning of their lives.  He enjoys working with individuals, families, children, teenagers and adults who experience depression, anxiety, problems related to attachment, issues with self-esteem, and loss, as well as the many other issues that occur within the human condition.



Larry Daniels


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